What Is Happening?


Scenes from Ukraine

Since early July there has been heavy fighting in parts of Eastern Ukraine. The result is ISKCON devotees are leaving their homes, having to flee to safer areas. Some have even lost their homes due to mortar and other combat-zone destruction. Most have left with only what they could carry. Some drove away with snipers firing on their vehicles. In one case, a devotee’s car was destroyed by artillery, but miraculously the devotees survived.

There are approximately 500 devotees of all ages, children through elders, who have been displaced so far. Well over half have already been accommodated through the efforts of this relief fund. Since a key coordinator of this refugee effort was abducted on charges of being a spy (though just recently released), communications had been disrupted for weeks.

These families and devotees deserve a chance to start a safe, new life, and your financial support today will do just that!